StockUnlimited Review: Dr Bruce Geddes

unnamedSince we launched the first ever Netflix-model of stock content – namely vector graphics – it has been a whirlwind of getting the word out about the affordability and growing library of exclusive materials we have at one’s disposal. We have had StockUnlimited users who write in telling us how much they are loving the convenience and flexibility without having to be tied to a specific price plan. So instead off hearing from us, here’s what Dr Bruce Geddes, a teacher and online learning expert thinks of StockUnlimited.

1. Who are you and what do you do?

I am Dr Bruce Geddes (PhD in Cognitive Psychology), a teacher and online learning expert. I am head of computing at an international school and a long standing eLearning developer.

2. How important is visual content in your work?

I produce extensive teaching materials online that requires a very strong visual component. So for example, I am producing several web pages for my computing department that is taught to support students and to give them the option to pace themselves during the lessons. Each web page can have between 10-30+ images and having interesting visuals can help in retaining their focus in the content as they are reviewing the lesson content and activities from home.

3. How often do you use visual content?

For teaching materials covering 5 different year groups with, on average, 150 lessons a year – this amounts to a large amount of web pages and subsequently complimentary images.

4. Why StockUnlimited over other providers?

There are a few reasons why I chose StockUnlimited:

(1) StockUnlimited gives me access to a huge amount (and ever growing), of beautifully created images that are of an exceptional quality and variety.

(2) Additionally the content is downloadable in vector graphic format (as well as PNG format) allowing me to tweak the image easily if needed.

(3) Having to use a lot of images on a daily basis, it’s important to be assured that I am not crossing any copyright boundaries so using content from StockUnlimited helps.

(4) Their website is well designed, making it easy to find the image you are after and also variants on that image. It is a pleasure to use and considering I am accessing it so regularly, this is an important consideration.

(5) Price – amazing value. Some sites will charge for a single image what StockUnlimited will charge for a month of unlimited access. It is an incredible deal.

5. Here is an example of Bruce’s work:

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 09Using 90% of StockUnlimited content

Are you a current user of StockUnlimited or would like to know more? Feel free to write in to us at! We would love to  hear from you=)

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  1. Reginaldo

    Dr Bruce Geddes, is exactly all that you said about StockUnlimited: “… Iincrível value Some sites will charge for a single image that StockUnlimited will charge for a month of unlimited access is an incredible deal”

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