Why We Started StockUnlimited


Everything here at StockUnlimited is new and shiny (except me, I feel very old surrounded by my team of twenty-somethings). Since our launch at SXSW in March 2015 we have been working hard to constantly improve our product and the experience of our users.

And we must be doing something right … 10,000s of users can’t be wrong. Thank you for your support so far!

Another thing that’s new is our blog. For one of its first posts I wanted to talk about why we decided to launch StockUnlimited in the first place. Aren’t there enough places online where you can buy stock illustrations, you ask? Yes, there are certainly some pretty big companies in this space, collecting billions of dollars from buyers of content.

Well, there are two big reasons why we think the market for visual content is still imperfect and there’s a need for StockUnlimited:

1. It is too difficult to access good, legal content

We always felt that buying stock imagery was a complex and bewildering process, built with the sellers in mind, not the buyers. To buy stock content today, you have to be a professional. You need a big budget to spend and a lawyer to check the fine print. Try comparing prices on the main stock photo sites and you’ll know what I mean. It makes comparing mobile phone plans look easy!

The big guys do not cater for the small business, the one-man-band design agency or the mums and dads who run part-time online businesses from home. The result? Many people resort to using content they find online. And this can cause serious repercussions for small businesses who are not familiar with copyright law.

2. Content is still too expensive

The price of stock imagery has come down a lot over the years. So how do we know it’s still too high? Well, because piracy is more rampant than ever. Although there are no precise studies on this, it is often estimated that over 85% of all images online are used without permission or license. Or to use a more common term, pirated.

Most people are not pirates (although I like the thought of everyone growing red beards and running around screaming AAAARRRRRRHH!!) . People either don’t know about copyright law and think it’s OK to copy and paste imagery from the internet (it isn’t!), or they find commercially available content too expensive (it is!).

Experience from the music industry shows that when the price of content goes below a certain level, people stop making illegal copies and instead turn to legitimate music services. I love Spotify and so do millions of others, because we can have all the world’s music in our pockets for a reasonable price. As a result, millions of people have started paying for music.

StockUnlimited was founded to solve these two problems.

We  want to do for images what Spotify has done for music. Our business philosophy is so simple it hurts: Offer high quality content at the most attractive price, and remove the barriers to usage.

That’s why we created our library of high-quality visual content, which we add to every single day. We sell it as a REAL subscription (as opposed to the capped downloads offered by the competition) with unlimited usage and the simplest royalty-free license in the business. For ten bucks per month. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

Our quiet revolution is just getting started. We can’t wait to take the next steps along our journey, with you by our side.

Yours Truly,

StockUnlimited CEO

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  1. nagash

    I think you are completely right!
    Just discovered this website and I’m coming to terms with the fact that it’s an usable and versatile stock for a sane price tag.

    All the best!

  2. Reginaldo

    Christian Toksvig – Thank you for all

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