Vector Graphic Trends for 2015

We are past halfway through 2015 and it’s important to keep up to date on the year’s vector trends. Knowing which vectors are hitting the mark this year – and which ones are just getting started – will ensure that your designs are not lagging behind.

Flat design was really popular last year, and continues to be so in 2015. However, the trend is evolving towards an aesthetic in between flat and dimensional. This is being referred to as ‘semi-flat.’ Flat design is a simple way of rendering images, where bevel and gradient indicators are removed to create a flat depiction that reads easily and attractively. Semi-flat design, on the other hand, still adheres to a simple style, but incorporates shadows and textures in order to regain an element of depth lost in flat design.

Huge, gorgeous, full-screen photos were prominent in design in 2014, and they continue to hold appeal in 2015, especially when paired with minimal, but bold, text. The shift we will see in the next six months, however, is a move towards vivid video in web design. Video clips are effective because they not only set the tone of the website, but also offer information, within a story, to intrigue users.

A major shift in vector design, and graphic design in general, in 2015 is a push against the prevalence of digitally created elements. Hand-drawn illustrations and lettering are becoming highly valued for their craftsmanship and originality. Using one-of-a-kind drawings and typography create a boutique feel for websites needing to stand out. The growing popularity of hand-crafted graphics are a direct response to the prevalence of flat design, which demonstrates the often opposing trends that exist in a creative field like vector design.

Imbuing vectors with a painterly quality will become increasingly popular in 2015. The reason for this is similar to the motives for illustrations and hand-drawn lettering – designers are reacting to the persistence of digitally created style elements. Watercolour and airbrush techniques are gaining popularity for their imperfection, spontaneity, and retro style. Whether created with actual paint, or using Photoshop techniques, painterly vectors will be hot this year.

Another important trend that is really gaining momentum in 2015 is geometry. Lines, grids, and wires are being used everywhere to connote not only simplicity, but also utilitarianism. Geometric patterns are easily reproduced and play off of the same principals as flat design. A portion of this trend is based on the geometricizing of images, where previously flat depictions are given dimension and depth with the use of facets.

Here’s an infographic depicting these vector trends for 2015. What’s your favorite vector trend this year?

Vector Graphic Trends for 2015 – An infographic by the team at Vector Trends

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