5 Vector Trends For The Autumn Season 2015

October is finally here and we are looking forward to everything we love about the fall season. So what does this season of cooler weather and falling leaves have to do with graphic design? Well, professionals and businesses will want to start incorporating fall-themed vectors into their online content. So we’ve lined up a great selection of popular fall vectors for this season that will help you express your brand in the coming months. So grab a pumpkin latte and read on!

  1. Simple Icons

With individuals and companies being constantly connected to their customers through social media, it is important to show up-to-date content in your posts. Talking about the upcoming season is a great way to casually reach the public. For example, use simple fall related vectors, like these icons, to represent what people love most about the season.

Vector Illustration : Collection of autumn iconsVector Illustration : Set of autumn icons

  1. Time of Year

A new season is a great way to market a particular product, service, or event. Focus on what will be changing in your customers’ lives in order to market to them efficiently. For example, use fall-themed sale or notice vectors to promote your seasonal specials!

Vector Illustration : Hello autumn card      Vector Illustration : Calendar icon

  1. Backgrounds and Borders

Fall-themed vectors are also a great way to add interest to your website design. Trendy, vibrant backgrounds and borders are an easy way of adding flair to your web presence. Not only will these graphics help to update your website and keep it fresh, but they will also add an opportunity for brand tie-in, since vectors can be easily adjusted with editing software.

Stock Vector Graphic : Maple leaves background Stock Vector Graphic : Seamless autumn background Vector Illustration : Leaves design

  1. Geometric and Illustration Trends

Expressing the season in your online content does not have to be garish or tacky. There are hundreds of options for seasonal graphics on StockUnlimited.com that are trendy and professional. Take these vectors – geometric and illustration-quality trends in graphic design can be seen in these beautiful examples.

Vector Illustration : Maple tree  Stock Vector Graphic : TreesVector Illustration : Tree during autumn

  1. Images with Text

Fall graphics aren’t just for social media posts and website design – use high quality fall-themed vectors for printed material as well! Flyers, signs, and advertisements are sure to catch the attention of potential customers. Use the new season as an opportunity to send cards or flyers with these messages for your customers, so that they know you appreciate their business all year round.

Stock Vector Graphic : Autumn collection tag  Vector Illustration : Zentangle autumn leafMake sure your online content expresses and reflects what is on a lot of peoples’ mind. Updating your website or sending out a social media post with fall-themed vectors that will delight your customers. Have fun with these fall graphics and let us know which one is your favorite!

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