Create Attractive Infographics With Stock Art

Infographics are a great way to communicate important points about your business, as well as a great tool to help encourage social media buzz. They offer a more interesting and sophisticated look at statistics or processes than simple charts. To make an infographic stand out you need an enticing design, a great color palette, and an up-to-date graphic style, in addition to relevant images that make your point clearly.

Combining a lot of information in one, neat graphic is no easy task. Even professional graphic designers find infographics challenging. Simplifying data and making it visually appealing takes time and creativity. However, there’s a great tool available to speed up this process and create some inspiration – using stock infographic designs. With pre-designed templates, colors and objects can be used as-is, or customized, saving hours of time. If you’re tasked with creating an infographic, stock templates can save hours of design and art creation time.

I downloaded several infographic templates from – a great resource for many styles and types of infographics. While this site is a great source for stock infographics, the nice thing is that you can download as many as you like, allowing you to mix and match elements. Plus, if a specific type of stock art is required to customize the infographic further, it can simply be downloaded without an additional fee.

For this project, I first downloaded #1549319.eps. This infographic template offers many types of charts and graphs, as well as a color palette I liked. Downloading the eps format allows me to import it into Adobe Illustrator, and make the adjustments needed.


I opened the file, and added an additional page, so I could copy and pasted within the same file.

Step 1: Create headers using the flags within the infographic template

Using the existing colors in the template, I copied and pasted the flags to use as a header for my customized infographic.


Step 2: Creating headline copy

Since the copy in the infographic template is for placement, I created my own text using Myriad Pro in all caps (20 point for the top line and 12 point for the next line)

2Step 3: Copy and paste a chart, add blue background and enlarge chart

I customized this chart by typing in the percentages I wanted, adding copy to the right, and changing the colors of the other sections to approximate the percentages I wanted.

3Step 4: Copy another chart, change percentage and add copy to customize.

Figures can easily be edited. Since all copy in the template has been converted to outlines, I simply typed the percentages and content I wanted and replaced it.



Step 5: Located dollar bills in another infographic template

Since the percentages below deal with spending, I wanted stock art of dollar bills. I downloaded this infographic, and copied and pasted the stacks of money to place in the graphic.


Step 6: Copy, paste and change the color of the dollar bills.

Since the color of the dollar bills didn’t match my palette, I copied it and pasted it, then changed the color to compliment the palette.

Step 7: Create a white border

I created a white border for my infographic, and saved it as a jpeg for uploading to a blog or social media.

10This infographic template allowed me to create sophisticated graphics in about 20 minutes, with plenty of elements to spare for the next project!

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