Make Your Own Wrapping And Packaging Materials With Stock Images!

image 1You can make your own personalized, up-cycled or recyclable wrapping paper using stock vector artwork by creating your own stamp pad. Since most store-bought wrapping paper can’t be recycled, creating your own allows you to create original designs, and an earth-friendly wrap which can be recycled.

There are many custom rubber stamp companies available on the web which offer a wide range of sizes for your stamp. Craft and hobby stores offer a nice selection of stamp pad colors, so you have a wide range of options when it comes to the style you want to add to your gift wrap. Plus, your same stamp may be used for custom greeting cards, postcards, or even napkins to turn the ordinary into something really cool and memorable.

To make a custom holiday stamp, you can download some vector art (in an eps format) from So let’s begin by firstly converting a stock vector image into art you can use for your own custom, rubber stamp pad.

Step 1:

Download the vector art of your choice. Select your art carefully. Stamp artwork must be changed to black and white only, so you’ll want artwork that can be easily edited. 3D artwork doesn’t work as well, so select art with text, icons, or solid images.

I chose #1603981 on the far left, but here are some other good possible choices for holiday stamp artwork.

step 1

Step 2:

First ungroup the artwork so you can select individual elements within the vector illustration.

step 2Step 3:

Select and delete the solid red background, circles and other unwanted elements. I kept the text and snowflakes.

step 3Step 4:

You’ll want to convert to a wireframe view mode (Command+Y) to view the elements more easily.

step 4Step 5:

Once unwanted shapes are deleted, select all (Command+A) and change the fill color to black.

step 5Step 6:

Since there are too many snowflakes, I’ll delete all but a few.

step 6Step 7

Next, flip the artwork so it is ‘wrong-reading’. The art will need to be backwards on the stamp, so when you stamp, it’s right reading. This is done with the “Reflect Tool” in Adobe Illustrator’s tool box.

step 7Now you have reversed artwork, ready to save:

step 7-2Step 8:

Export artwork as a BMP file. Save as a high resolution (600 pppi) bitmap.

step 8

step 8-B

step 8-CStep 9:

Using an online custom stamp company, I ordered the stamp to the size I wanted, and had it shipped to me. Shipping usually takes a few days, but for an extra fee, most stamp manufacturers will expedite shipping if you need it in a day or two. Find a stamp pad in the color you like at a local craft store, and you’re set to stamp anything for years!

Rubber stamps feature the vector artwork you customized, so all you need to do is press the stamp into an inkpad, and stamp away.

step 9

step 9-B

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