Top Vector Trends For The Winter Season

The weather is getting cooler and the days are getting shorter, which can only mean one thing: winter is here! Don’t waste time painstakingly creating your own seasonal graphics –we have got you covered by compiling a list of hot, upcoming stock art trends that will keep you warm this winter season! Read on and get trendy for the holidays…

1. Visual content showcasing fun winter sports and activities help cure winter blues by reminding us how much fun it can be!Stock Vector Graphic : Snowboarder snowboarding2. Nostalgic snowy scenes and landscapes demonstrate the beauty of the season in amazing detail…

Vector Illustration : Reindeer in the forest3. And flat renderings of winter scenes are also gaining momentum.

Vector Illustration : Mountains with snow caps4. Depictions of winter weather in flat, semi-flat, and rich design styles.

Stock Vector Graphic : Snowflake and cloud icon5. Cute, cold-weather animals are the brighter side of winter.

Stock Vector Graphic : A reindeer head6. Small, simple icons are popular for their accessibility on any device.

Vector Illustration : Igloo with a flag7. Illustration-quality vectors are a 2015 design trend that is extending to winter-themed stock art as well.

Stock Vector Graphic : Winter bird8. Low-poly, faceted snowflake art is on trend and gorgeous.

Vector Illustration : Snowflake and sun icon9. Photography techniques, like double exposure and panorama, set a stunning tone for winter vectors.

Stock Vector Graphic : Double exposure penguin and iceberg

That’s it! What do you think of the collection? Remember, don’t get caught out in the cold – follow these winter vector trends for beautiful, professional, and engaging documents and festive memorabilia!

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