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9 Tips To Create Great Looking Presentations! [Infographic]

Have you ever seen a bad looking presentation? One that leaves you yawning to no end and fidgeting in your seat counting down the minutes. If you have, you never want to be in the shoes of the presenter. Ideally, you will whiz in with full confidence, attract their attention, wow them with your slides
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How To Create A Facebook Banner With Vectors

Keep your social media posts interesting! Create great looking, custom Facebook banners and blog graphics with stock vector images. Creating exciting, color graphics like the one above for your company’s or group’s Facebook page is easy with vector images. As any social media marketing professional will tell you, posting regularly to social media will help
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Top Geometric Patterns That Are Perfect As Backgrounds (Plus It’s Free!)

There are two ways of looking at an artwork- First, the kind of texture it has whether it is smooth, rugged, or raised and second, the pattern imprinted on it which also means the design. Designers usually have to work with more elements like shapes, lines, curves, abstract elements, to create something that is visually
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