Adult Coloring Book

DIY Adult Coloring Book — Gorgeous pages to color in!

Regardless of your line of work, stress is somewhat a given. Games, exercises and books specifically designed for stress relief are easily available. A recent and obvious trend can be seen in adult coloring books. You’ll see them in all major bookstores and even on Amazon’s best-selling list. But does it really work? You could give it a try without having to buy one. We have hand-picked a selection for your coloring pleasure. Check it out!

Adult Coloring Book Inspiration

Our subscriber, Shellyna, shares her adult coloring book inspiration with us. Follow shellynaagustheen on Instagram.

Does coloring really decrease stress?

Well, let’s just say, this past time is not exactly intellectually stimulating but it does add color to your life.

Certified art therapist and Program Coordinator for the Graduate Art Therapy Program at NYU, Marygrace Berberian says: “Coloring definitely has therapeutic potential to reduce anxiety, create focus or bring about more mindfulness.”

Coloring actually works a lot like meditation. Anxiety and pressing thoughts are swept aside as you focus on creative color combinations for your floral pattern, animal shapes or mandalas. Result? A tranquil feeling of bliss.

Floral adult coloring book inspiration

Print your own Adult Coloring Book

In three easy steps, you’ll be on your way to holding your very own adult coloring book. Simply download, print and color it in! All we can say is that it can be addictive. You’ll be making time for this seemingly frivolous art form. Perhaps to your benefit.

Deer graphic adult coloring book

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Ready to jump on the bandwagon? This is definitely one trendy hobby for adults. Subscribe to StockUnlimited (if you haven’t already) and start downloading images. Color yourself happy! Scroll down for all your downloadable content and make your very own adult coloring book.

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