Color psychology when choosing your corporate identity

Smart Color Choices! Corporate Identity Color Palette Inspiration

Colors can change your mood, lift you out of the doldrums and trigger powerful emotions. The choice of your corporate identity color palette may not be the be-all-end-all of your brand — but it does play a key role. Color psychology is essential when determining your corporate identity color palette. Learn about it here…

Corporate identity maroon color scheme

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Never underestimate the power of color and the feelings it may evoke, both consciously and subconsciously. Your brand’s corporate identity takes into account all visual aspects of your company’s presence — meaning your collaterals, designs, as well as the main HERO, your logo.

The color that you end up selecting will act as your brand identifier. So don’t go choosing on a whim. There should be rhyme, reason and lots of deliberation when finalizing your corporate identity color palette.

Corporate identity light blue color scheme

Here are two examples when it comes to potent branding that resonates and permeates across all collaterals: When you think Coca Cola, what color comes to mind? And when we mention Pepsi? We’re pretty sure you automatically conjured up the visual, and definitely the corresponding color. No hint needed. So in conclusion, even when there is thick competition in the same product category, it’s important that your brand and corporate identity has a vividly identifiable color that sets it apart from the competition.

Corporate identity monochrome color scheme

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Big brands spend loads on agency or designer fees to come up with stationary sets and collaterals. If you don’t have that disposable budget, we’ve got the solution for you — pre-designed templates where you can insert your logo and be on your merry way. Let’s look at some options when it comes to your corporate identity color palette. Click here for the full collection.

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Ravishing Red

It’s the color of heat, passion, and love. Red is definitely a hot color that incites energy, excitement, and intensity — it’s the hue of blood coursing through our veins. Scientifically proven to cause a spike in blood pressure and to boost your heart rate, this color also represents danger and anger. Brand color examples: Coca-Cola, Ferrari, Virgin Group.

Corporate identity red color scheme

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Balmy Blue

Imagine a relaxing holiday at the beach, staring out at the cerulean ocean waters. What did you feel? A calm, tranquil sense of serenity? Well, blue is also the color of truth, loyalty, reliability, focus and it gives off a serious professional trustworthy quality. Brand color examples: American Express, Facebook, Twitter, Samsung.

Corporate identity bright blue color scheme

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Optimistic Orange

A color that exudes positive vibes, excitement, and enthusiasm; it is said to stimulate and whet the appetite, making it a good color for F&B. Orange also projects affordability and vibrancy. It’s good for youthful brands that are fun, confident, enthusiastic and built for adventure. Brand color examples: Fanta, Nickelodeon, Timberland, Hooters, Home Depot.

Corporate identity orange color scheme

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Gentle Green

Mother earth chose this color! So intuitively, when you think green…health, nature, kindness, compassion, prestige and wealth come to mind. It’s an uplifting and inspiring hue that has a protective healing property as well. Brand color examples: Whole Foods, Starbucks, Animal Planet, Subway, Lacoste.

Corporate identity set green color scheme

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Profoundly Purple

A royal and somewhat affluent color that’s scented with sophistication, wisdom and a tinge of mystery. Throwing in some useless trivia, it also happens to be the infamous Justin Bieber’s color of choice — not like that adds significance in any way.  Brand color examples: Yahoo,, Cadbury.

Corporate identity set purple color scheme

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Balanced Brown

“What can brown do for you?” the recognizable but retired UPS slogan still conjures up images of the brand. This color grounds any brand in a secure, stable and reliable manner. It also denotes strength, durability, warmth, and comfort. Brand color examples: Hershey’s, Fossil, Gloria Jean’s Coffee.

Corporate identity set brown color scheme

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Pretty Pink

Flirtatious and possibly capricious, this feminine and flamboyant color has the power to romance and seduce the beholder. It’s intuitive and insightful, with an ability to bring about compassion and sensitivity. Brand color examples: Victoria’s Secret, Barbie, Cosmopolitan, T-Mobile, Pink Ribbon (International Breast Cancer Awareness).

Corporate identity pink color scheme

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Youthful Yellow

The life-giving color of the sun! Yellow spreads warmth, happiness, playfulness and laughter. It’s an attention-getting hue that represents intellect and the inquisitive mind. However, beware because yellow has negative connotations as well — darker shades of yellow are associated with low self-esteem and even depression. Brand color examples: Post-it, Nikon, Best Buy, Yellow Pages.

Corporate identity yellow color scheme

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Prestigious, timeless and classy, black is powerful, it has authority and intelligence trailing behind it. White, on the other hand, echoes purity, innocence, and cleanliness. It is a noble color that is generally used by healthcare industries. While gray is a neutral and practical color.

Corporate identity black and white illustration

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Not all brands will limit their corporate identity color palette to just one singular color. So if there’s a mix and match of colors, it should be a deliberate choice of non-clashing and tasteful colors.

Corporate identity set dark color scheme

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Here is another example of multi-hued corporate identity color palette.

Corporate identity set multicolor scheme

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