Father's Day Card Ideas

Funky Father’s Day Card Ideas – A Design For Every Type of Dad!

Father’s Day is fast approaching! Have you gotten something special for Dad yet? If you’re not the artistic type and don’t really want to spend too much time to create a card, then we’ve compiled some super awesome Father’s Day card ideas for you.

Fathers Day Card Ideas - cool cat dad

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We suggest that you make your own card, instead of picking one up — just print your very own at home! Or go digital and save paper. It’s entirely up to you. But don’t forget to personalize your card. Check out these pre-designed visuals.

Fathers Day Card Ideas - Typography

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While you’re at it, remember to get Dad a gift too. Anyhoo, Dad will probably tell you “It’s not about the gifts”. I doubt Dad is expecting anything from you, but it’s still nice to show him your love and appreciation. Here’s an idea — some of the designs, like the one above and the one below, can be printed as stickers too! Click here for our complete collection of Father’s Day Card Ideas!


Note: Scroll down all the way for Father’s Day Card Designs that are absolutely free! Also take part in our poll right at the bottom– Tell us what type of dad you have!

Fathers Day Card Ideas - Stickers

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Father’s Day Card Ideas – A Design For Every Type Of Dad!

Do something different this year, get him a card that fits his personality type. Is he a studious nerdy dad, an active outdoorsy papa or a trendsetter that makes mama’s heart melt every day? Find your dad type here…

1. Corporate Dad

He’s the BOSS of the household. Your dad brings home the bacon by suiting up every day for work. Yup, he is definitely the champion breadwinner! He is serious about work and even more serious about being a perfect dad.

Fathers Day Card Ideas - Office dad

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2. Outdoorsy Dad

He’ll take you hiking or camping in the woods. He’s got an amazing tan all year round and he is super fit. He took you on your very first fishing trip and taught you how to hook your very first worm bait.

Fathers Day Card Ideas - Outdoors dad

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3. Cosplay Dad

His favorite time of year is…you guessed it! Halloween! He loves dressing up and even has no qualms wearing a girly wig paired with the reddest shade of lipstick. Because he is just that cool!

Fathers Day Card Ideas - Cosplay Dad

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4. Cool Cat Dad

He is just oozing with cool appeal. Nothing ever really gets to him because he knows how to keep his calm. That why he is your go-to-guy when report card time rolls around. He’s the king of chill!

Fathers Day Card Ideas - Cats and dads

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5. Super Dad

He is all things amazing rolled in one. Sometimes you question if he is even human: he works long hours, he takes care of each and every one of you and hardly sleeps! He lives by his values and he is the one man that you’ll always look to and look up to.

Fathers Day Card Ideas - Superdad comics

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6. Best Chef Dad

He cooks up a storm in a jiffy and boy…not a single morsel is left after dinner. He loves to eat and he has a belly to show for it. All your friends love to come over for BBQ sessions because dad knows exactly what to serve.

Fathers Day Card Ideas - Best Cook

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7. Beer Guzzling Dad

There is no doubt he loves his drinks. It makes him even more of a social butterfly. He appreciates the simple things in life and makes the most hysterical jokes!

Fathers Day Card Ideas - Beer drinking dad

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8. Handyman Dad

There is nothing he can’t fix…ever! He jumps on every home improvement project and never says no to DIY tasks. Sometimes he insists on teaching you how it’s done too.

Fathers Day Card Ideas - handyman dad

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9. Overprotective Dad

He has protected you from monsters under the bed or even bullies at school. It seems like he will never leave your side. You know that you can truly rely on him. Sometimes you might want your space, but at the end of the day, you know he just wants to keep you safe.

Fathers Day Card Ideas - Overprotective dad

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10. Trendy Dad

Never a strand of hair out of place. He’s always fashionably-spot-on with the right hues. Mom is so proud to walk next to your dashing dad. He can also teach you a tip or two on how to pair the right shirts to the right ties.

Fathers Day Card Ideas - Trendy dad

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11. Sporty Dad

He is into practically every sport and hits the gym without needing motivation. Or maybe he just sits on the couch watching games and cheering his fave team on — regardless he is just really into sports!

Fathers Day Card Ideas - Sporty Dad

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If you did not find the right personality fit for your dad, you can always choose a generic message for your him. He is after all the most awesome dad you know, right?

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Free Father’s Day Card Ideas For Your Downloading Pleasure!

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