Being Creative

What you need to know about being creative!

Creativity is such an asset but “Boy! Oh Boy!” it can be so elusive at times. There is always a real fear that our creative juices will dry up one day and Poof! — we can say bye bye to creativity…forever. Sob!

Is that a possibility? Nope! Here are some secrets on creativity that are meant to be shared. We’ve compiled a series of infographics that touches on different points and areas on being creative that could be very useful for you.

Illustration on creativity

Peruse through these infographics (spread out over several pages) that we believe are essential reading. Especially when your life revolves around being creative. And your job depends on it! You’ll explore ways to generate new ideas, learn about the creative process, add to your creativity, what to do when you’re stuck in a rut and ways to unlock your creative genius.

   How to generate new ideas

This is just the first part of being creative. We have several more infographics on creativity for your enrichment.

Read about 21 Ways to Unlock Creative Genius on the next page! 


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