10 Motivational Vector Illustrations To Beat Mid-Year Fatigue

It’s the middle of the year, and the drive we had at the beginning of the year has died down. The month of June is where we start to feel the mid-year fatigue. Trust us, we know how it feels. Especially when you end up stuck in the office due to the workload, whilst you work, wishing for office hours to end.

Or perhaps you’re just feeling down because of life in general.

At times like this, we feel that looking at motivational quotes can help you get through those long, long days.

Here are some motivational vector illustrations we’ve chosen to help you beat that mid year fatigue.


1.Winners Never Quit, Quitters Never Win. 

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First of all here’s a reminder on why you shouldn’t give up so easily. You will definitely get there, so don’t quit !


2. Change Your Thoughts And You’ll Change Your World 

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Perhaps try changing the way you think, and things might seem a lot easier to handle


3. The Secret Of Getting Ahead Is Getting Started

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Don’t put things off now, cause you will be way behind when you start later. Instead, get started now.


4. Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone

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Although we dislike being thrown outside of our comfort zones, that is where we will learn the most.

5. Whatever You Plant Now You Will Harvest Later 

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Working hard now will reap you success later! Just like planting a seedling now, and it will bear you fruits in the near future.


6. YES You Can

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This one is self-explanatory, but yes you can! Put your mind to it and you shall achieve.


7. Your’re Stronger Than You Think

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Small matters like these aren’t going to get you down. You’ll be just fine as you are way stronger than you believe you are.


8. Think Like There’s No Box 

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Don’t limit your thoughts. Think outside the box, or like there isn’t even one. After all you don’t happen to carry a box on your head, do you?


9. Stay Focused

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Remain true to your values and what you want to achieve. Refrain yourself from straying.

10.Always Do Your Best

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Lastly, remember to always put your best foot forward in anything you do !


We hope that just by scrolling through this post you feel much better, and have a little spark of drive in you, if not more. Feel free to browse more of these images on Stockunlimited.


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