Black Friday and Cyber Monday are here!

It’s that time of the year again!  And of course we have an amazing Black Friday + Cyber Monday for all of you! Get 3 years access to unlimited vectors and photos for only $79! This deal is perfect for designers, entrepreneurs, freelancers and anyone who appreciates quality visuals. How about that? Considering that the
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Infographics template

Incredible Infographic Templates For More Engaging Content

Don’t jump on the infographic bandwagon just because everyone is doing it. Yes, you should use infographics as part of your content strategy. But do you know why? We’ll share some facts with you on this topic. NOTE: Remember to scroll all the way down for some free infographic templates! Click here for the full
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Color psychology when choosing your corporate identity

Smart Color Choices! Corporate Identity Color Palette Inspiration

Colors can change your mood, lift you out of the doldrums and trigger powerful emotions. The choice of your corporate identity color palette may not be the be-all-end-all of your brand — but it does play a key role. Color psychology is essential when determining your corporate identity color palette. Learn about it here… Never
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Crazy cool social media icons that make awesome share buttons!

You’ve seen them practically on every site. Begging to be clicked. They come in all shapes, sizes, styles and hues. Here, you’ll read about selecting social media icons that you can then use as share, like and follow buttons on your site. We’ll also cover popular placements, suitable styles to fit your brand, and what
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business presentations stockunlimited

9 Tips To Create Great Looking Presentations! [Infographic]

Have you ever seen a bad looking presentation? One that leaves you yawning to no end and fidgeting in your seat counting down the minutes. If you have, you never want to be in the shoes of the presenter. Ideally, you will whiz in with full confidence, attract their attention, wow them with your slides
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How to Avoid a Lawsuit When Using Online Content

The amount of visual content shared on social media and various other online platforms increases every day. It can be tempting to copy and paste visual content online. Visuals are appealing, processed faster in the brain, and improve communication. But there are hidden risks to using unlicensed content – including lawsuits and legal damage. Check
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What’s the difference between vector and raster images

When working with images, you might have come across the terms “vector” or “raster” when describing an image. When selecting stock art to use for a specific project, it’s critical to know the difference between these two file types. Your file type matters – especially when it comes to posting social media graphics, working with
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