Trick Or Treat: Scary But Fun Halloween Vectors And Photos For A Great Halloween Celebration

It’s nearing the end of September, so you know what that means… October is right around the corner! And with October, comes many people’s favorite holiday: HALLOWEEN!  Next to Christmas, Halloween is the most celebrated holiday with the elaborate decorations, costumes and variety of candy. Imaginations run wild and everyone is ready to out-dress or out-scare
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Top Online Vector and Photo Editing Tools For All Your Editing Needs

Online Photo Editing Tools 1. befunky befunky is a photo editor and collage maker that provides tools that are easy enough for anyone to create beautiful photographs and professional-quality graphic design without any special skills or technical expertise. It’s free for all users but with a simple upgrade, users can edit high resolution pictures and have
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Lovely Leaves of Fall

What is your favourite part of fall? Is it the sweater weather? The fall fashion? Football? Halloween? Bonfires? A pumpkin spiced latte? Honestly, fall is a season favourite for many. We’re sure all of you have your own personal reasons to love fall, but we hope that you agree with us when we say that the
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Adult Coloring Book

DIY Adult Coloring Book — Gorgeous pages to color in!

Regardless of your line of work, stress is somewhat a given. Games, exercises and books specifically designed for stress relief are easily available. A recent and obvious trend can be seen in adult coloring books. You’ll see them in all major bookstores and even on Amazon’s best-selling list. But does it really work? You could
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business presentations stockunlimited

9 Tips To Create Great Looking Presentations! [Infographic]

Have you ever seen a bad looking presentation? One that leaves you yawning to no end and fidgeting in your seat counting down the minutes. If you have, you never want to be in the shoes of the presenter. Ideally, you will whiz in with full confidence, attract their attention, wow them with your slides
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